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We help businesses to find optimal solutions,
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Assistance to business: development and support

We understand that a mobile app development for the business is, first of all, the search for a solution to a specific problem. Creating an app may not be the best way to achieve this goal. We will analyze the current situation and the compiled plan for product realization and we will offer various solutions to the problem based on our experience.

  • Analysis of the problem; search for possible solutions based on our experience of developing wide range of projects
  • Testing the proposed solution without creating the final product
  • Creating MVP, checking the initial version of the app on the test audience
  • Development of the full version of the mobile app according to the business requirements
  • Integration of the ready solution into existing business processes and information environment
  • Control of the developed service, support in a given period or on an ongoing basis

How we work

We study the existing problem and the plan for its solution. We analyze the business processes that are subject of modification. We offer solutions based on existing experience.
We test the proposed solution without developing the final product, simulating the proposed solution.
We make a detailed statement of work for developing a mobile app. We calculate the necessary infrastructure of the project.
We are developing the project, conducting intermediate testing of builds as they are ready, using a flexible development methodology.
We integrate the solution into existing business processes, test all parts of the product, provide guarantee support.

Quick and free mobile app estimation

To get a free 30-minute consultation about mobile development enter your e-mail, and our manager will contact you within a few hours.

We can promptly give an approximate estimation of the project by cost and timing if you briefly describe its main idea and functions.

Our latest apps for business

AXA FlexiDrive: discount for careful driving

Mobile app AXA FlexiDrive developed for the French group of insurance companies AXA Group automatically monitors the driving behavior. During the trip, the application collects the necessary data on the driving style of the vehicle and calculates bonus points, which can later be exchanged for a discount when purchasing insurance.

Watch the video about the basics of the service or read the announcement about launching an app.


Roadcom: asphalt factories statistics

The mobile app for internal usage at Roadcom Company automatically collects statistics on the objects of the company and provides reports at specified times. The owner of the application can at any time get a slice of the given data sets within any object.

Relef Events

We developed the Relef Events application for the "Relef-Center" company, so that users will timely receive official information about meetings, conferences and other events organized by the company. Users of the application are informed about new events, view the program of each of them and can add the most interesting items to their favorites.

Relef Events
Сервис Wmestocard

Virtual discount card storage service Wmestocard

The mobile app for Android Wmestocard allows users to download virtual discount cards to mobile device, present them when paying in stores and receive discounts. In the app there is a system for notifying about new discounts and the ability to communicate with other users.

Calculation of thermal insulation

Mobile app for Android is meant to calculate the required thickness of thermal insulation. The construction region, the type of building and the insulated part, the desired internal temperature and other parameters are taken into account. In addition to the thickness of thermal insulation, the service makes it possible to calculate the amount of material needed to insulate the room of the type and size. Also in the appendix there is a complete catalog of thermal insulation materials of the TechnoNikol company.

Расчёт теплоизоляции

And 40 more projects