The description of the estimation method and other thoughts are below.

The calculation of the cost of developing a mobile app is based on the amount of labor – timelines. They are precisely the main difficulty in understanding this market: someone promises to complete the task for two weeks, while others assure that it is impossible to do less than three months. 

We have analyzed a large number of reports from various organizations and mobile development studios, which in turn are based on a study of project evaluations by contractors at Clutch, UpWork, and other services. There are many of them, for example:

These data give an understanding of the average time evaluation of the development of typical mobile apps: social networks, messengers, utilities, and others.

Of course, the average price implies a reasonably broad range, even in each segment. For example, the implementation of chat in apps can vary greatly:

  1. Should there be statuses about delivery and reading messages?
  2. Should group chats be implemented? 
  3. Ability to send images, video, and audio messages?
  4. Is it possible to delete messages, including from interlocutors?
  5. Should dialogs be archived?
  6. Is an encryption algorithm necessary, and which one?
  7. In which country will it work: what requirements of local legislation must be observed?
  8. Should there be stickers?
  9. If so, is it possible to upload custom sets of stickers?
  10. If so, is it possible to upload own sets of them?

And these are just the main issues that do not affect the design, animation elements, support for various devices, and so on.

Nevertheless, the average price guides the order of labor. If this is a month and a half, then it can be plus or minus two weeks, but not six months.

The estimate of the amount of work is distributed between the number of specialists in the team. If the mobile app is being developed simultaneously for two platforms, iOS, and Android, then the work is carried out in parallel. The design also partially overlaps: the development of promotional materials, for example, can be carried out in parallel with the direct development of the product.

The price of developing a mobile app is calculated based on the average hourly rate of our studio specialists. Our cost is average in the market: the development office is located in CIS (Russia), which allows us to reduce the operational costs while maintaining the highest quality of development.

In this article, we described the principle of estimation in more detail, based on several examples, and explained our vision of the contractor selection algorithm.