1. How much does the average mobile app development cost?
  2. What does the cost of development consist of?
  3. Tablets and landscape support
  4. How long does development take?
  5. Why so expensive?
  6. How to reduce the development budget
  7. Promotion

By 2021, users will spend up to $139 billion on mobile applications.

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How much does the average mobile app development cost?

The short answer is anywhere from $10000 to $80000. The average price has risen slightly compared to last year.

The main characteristic of the market for developing mobile applications for customers is the uncertainty of price and timing. One studio can quote a cost of $2000, while another quotes 20 to 50 times more for the same amount of work. At the same time, the first can make the product in two months, the second in just two weeks.

The world average indexes, disaggregated by category of application and studio geography, are as follows:

The indicated values ​​of the cost include full development on one platform, iOS or Android, including the server part, documentation, design, analytics, testing, and preparation for launch.

With an average market spread, more detailed pricing data from Russian studios is as follows:

  1. Basic (offline) application, business card, simple functionality
    from $3000 to $10000
  2. Something that implies editing/moderation online, filling articles and content in an admin panel, i.e. with server part
    from $10000 to $15000
  3. Chat bot, interactive assistant
  4. IoT, pairing with devices via Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / other protocols
    from $15000 to $23000
  5. Messenger (one of the most popular destinations)
    from $23000 to $40000
  6. Augmented and virtual reality
    from $30000 to $40000
  7. Taxi, delivery of pizzas, water, food and other things, including the courier module
    from $35000 to $50000
  8. Shops/catalogs, including personal accounts, search, discount mechanics, acquisition
  9. Social networks, varying greatly in functionality but fitting into the framework
    from $35000 to $65000
  10. Corporate applications, which usually involve integration with a whole range of services and have increased requirements for data protection and security, are most expensive.

Development simultaneously for both platforms comes out about 30–40% more expensive.

What does the cost of development consist of?

As a rule, the proportions of the main work are as follows:

That is, design development for the messenger costs from $3000 to $5000, product management costs the same, the preparation of the analytical report and technical task costs another $2500–$3300, and the rest ($3000 to $5000) is for the development itself, testing, and preparation for publication.

Design usually includes prototyping in InVision, Adobe XD, Marvel,, and other utilities.

Tablets and landscape support

Implementing tablet support increases the cost of the product by 10 to 50%, depending on its type. Screen space is used in a different way, which requires the development of additional design and its implementation in the application logic.

Horizontal orientation adds another 10 to 30%, depending on what you need to rotate.

How long does development take?

From one month to three – this is how much time it takes to develop most mobile applications. Yes, something complicated takes longer, but one to two months is the standard.

Why so expensive?

A programmer sitting at a computer writing great code is just a small part of the overall picture of creating a product.

In addition to the programmer, a UI/UX specialist, analyst, tester, and manager oversee the entire development work of the project. In addition, the development of the server part is almost always required – databases and APIs, which form the main node of the service information system.

The cost of monthly work by a team of three to five people is already $10000 to $12000 (depending on the geography of the office and the level of professionalism of the employees).

Larger teams, including narrower specialists, are more expensive. In the creation of IT products, the main money is spent on the purchase of time with qualified teams.

How to reduce the development budget

  1. First of all, create MVP (Minimum Viable Products). Do not do something big; once started, more often than not, unexpected turns occur. The less functionality, the easier and less costly it is to change direction.
  2. Focus on the goal. Spend a week to describe all the possible functionality. After that, spend the same amount of time, another week, to throw out all the excess. If for the question, “would the application achieve its goal without this?” the answer is yes, throw it out without hesitation.
  3. Consider implementing a cross-platform app. Sometimes this makes sense for a MVP, and it almost halves the budget when implementing the product on two platforms, iOS and Android.
  4. The mobile version of the site may also be suitable for achieving your goal. Sometimes it is enough to start and confirm the market hypothesis.


The main budget will go to promotion and its beginning – a soft launch with split testing – the most important part. Therefore, it is doubly important to save on development, which should account for no more than 30 to 40% of the total budget for the creation and launch of the product.

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