Mobile app development
in 30 days

Deliver builds every week
Payment after testing

How is it possible?

We divide each project into 5–10 days stages. The result of each stage is a build of finished step, which you can test on your mobile device.
We work fast understanding the importance of timeframes: the speed of app publishing and its updates is a key factor in keeping your customers. Here are our services:

  • Mobile app development for iOS:
    iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • Consulting services in
    the mobile apps field
  • Mobile apps market analysis
  • Mobile app development for Android: smartphones, tablets, smart TV
  • Mobile apps support,
    code guarantee
  • Blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning, augmented reality

Comparison of different mobile app developers

In the table below you can see a comparative description of the AppCraft studio with other types of developers in the context of the most important aspects: the cost of work, the guarantee period, the software copyright, the development term and the approach to design.

  • Freelance
  • From $500
  • Depending on
    professional ethics
  • As a rule the rights belong
    to the developer
  • 1–6 month
  • Need to hire an additional
  • Cross-platform
  • Economy class
  • From $2 000
  • Code guarantee
    from 1 to 3 months
  • As a rule the rights belong
    to the client
  • 3–6 weeks
  • Depending on the selected
    package of services
  • Cross-platform
  • Corporations
  • From $100 000
  • Code guarantee
    3 month
  • The client can not pass or sell the rights to third parties
  • On average 2–6 month
  • Typically 2–3 designs
    to choose from
  • Native development
    for iOS and Android
  • AppCraft
  • From $5 000
  • Code guarantee has no statute of limitations
  • All the rights belong
    to the client
  • 3–8 weeks
  • We work on design until
    the full satisfaction
  • Native development
    for iOS and Android

Our clients

about us


Thank you for the excellent work, it's nice and interesting to work with you. You have many interesting ideas. It's nice that the development team thinks about the effectiveness of the project. This is important and rarely seen.

- Evgeny Demidov,

about us


Efficiency, responsibility, reliability, effectiveness, initiative, accurate performance of the statement of work, creativity in solving problems and creativity provided the creation of my application.

- Nikolay Logvinov

about us


We worked with AppCraft on the game Eyes Attack, and found them to be extremely talented and professional. I would recommend to anyone looking for talented software engineers and designers.

- Harry Holmwood, CEO, Marvelous Europe

about us


Cooperation with you and your team has exceeded all the best expectations. I want to thank you for your cooperation, to note your high professionalism, efficiency in work and goodwill in communication.

- Oleg Yeliseyev, Technical Director, Open Application LLC

about us


Thanks to the AppCraft team, I am very satisfied with the result. The application is that type of product with which you need to work constantly and it was totaly helpful that guys are always in touch. The professionals in their field.

- Kirill Tachennikov, CEO of the Unighted App LLC

about us


For more than a year we have been productively cooperating with AppCraft in developing our transport app. We express our gratitude for the quality and efficiency - for mobile applications these are the key points.

- Alexander Skobkin, Project Manager,

Quick and free mobile app estimation

To get a free 30-minute consultation about mobile development enter your e-mail, and our manager will contact you within a few hours.

We can promptly give an approximate estimation of the project by cost and timing if you briefly describe its main idea and functions.


AXA FlexiDrive: discount for careful driving

Mobile app AXA FlexiDrive developed for the French group of insurance companies AXA Group automatically monitors the driving behavior. During the trip, the application collects the necessary data on the driving style of the vehicle and calculates bonus points, which can later be exchanged for a discount when purchasing insurance.

Watch the video about the basics of the service or read the announcement about launching an app.


Become a star in the mobile app Sing-a-song!

The app is a "musical Instagram": users can record clips using a large number of professional sound filters, participate in contests and win prizes. It's enough to shake the device to generate a new sound filter. The app is already used by famous Russian artists.

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Analytics and consulting

Mobile app — it's just an tool. Initially, you do not need an  application, but a buisness, which in tern is built around the solution of a particular problem. Therefore, you need to develop a mobile application only if it becomes the shortest way to reach the main goal.

If you think about the mobile application as your first project, we will be happy to advise you on various aspects of the existing market in the field of your idea. As a result, you will get a full and comprehensive understanding of the current situation, which will avoid unnecessary financial costs and save a lot of time.

The work on the project includes


Statement of work

Joint development of documentation for your mobile application. We will propose possible solutions and form a detailed statement of work.

Передача прав

Cession of rights

At the end of the development process all rights to the developed software, source code and materials are passed to the client.

Гарантия на код

Code guarantee

Regardless of when a possible bug in the mobile app will be detected, we will fix it free of charge.


App release

We take on all the communication with technical support, make necessary changes in applications according to requirements of Apple and Google to publish your application as soon as possible.

How we work

We discuss all the details of the project, form a complete picture of it, propose solutions for each issue.
Extended description.
We make a detailed statement of work, define directions in the design, we form the style of the app. We calculate the necessary project infrastructure.
Extended description.
We prepare necessary documents and begin to work. The main and additional time frames for the project devlopment are fixed.
Extended description.
During the workflow we regularly send upgraded builds for testing on the client's devices. Then we correct the necessary elements based on the results of each test.
Extended description.
We carry out the final testing of the project and help to publish apps in the App Store and Google Play. We provide guarantee support.
Extended description.
Работы студии разработки мобильных приложений AppCraft

Book a consultation with a specialist

To get a free 30-minute consultation about mobile development enter your e-mail, and our manager will contact you within a few hours.

To clarify the cost and timing of development, it will be extremely useful for us to have information on the following points:

  • Which platforms should the mobile app work on: iOS, Android, both?
  • Should it be optimized for smartphones only or also for tablets?
  • What is the essence of the app? What functionality does it provide to the user? Just in a few words.
  • Whether the application should be a part of an already existing system (online store, information portal, etc.)?
  • Is it necessary to develop a server part? If so, what functions does it have? Are there servers already developed or do we have to solve this issue??
  • Are there any analogues of the application being developed in the App Store / Google Play? Links to them can accelerate the understanding of the idea.

Roman Luka

Roman is an official representative of the AppCraft in the USA. If you have any questions or need an estimate, please do not hesitate to contact him!

About AppCraft

For 8 years of developing mobile applications we have learned to develop convenient systems, build an intuitive interface, create beautiful and high-quality design. We do not outsource work: managers prepare documentation, accompany the project and keep the clients informed of the course of work; developers analyze and develop the system; designers think through stylistics and navigation, and QA managers test their functionality.

The small size of the team allow us to solve problems in a few hours, and the implementation of the edits takes exactly as long as it is technically needed for the programmer. It is important for us to develop not just an application, but a ready-made product, so in every project we immerse ourselves in an idea and work it out with you.

Фото студии разработки мобильных приложений AppCraft