Разработка мобильных приложений для android

Mobile apps development for Android

The mobile apps development for Android has a number of features..

A variety of devices and operating systems. Due to different hardware capabilities of devices and operating system versions, app development has technical and display problems (large screen sizes, resolutions, dot densities). This limits development, which can increase development time and testing costs.

Vulnerability of applications. Probability to pick up a virus or be hacked from Android devices is higher than that of iOS. Vulnerabilities are all due to the same variety of devices and operating systems, as well as insufficiently stringent requirements of Google Play Market for apps. Therefore, when developing an application, it is necessary to think through the protection..

High competition. The combination of a large number of devices on Android and the availability of placement on the Google Play Market leads to an increase in the number of apps, resulting in attracting the attention of the audience and gaining market becomes more difficult.

AXA FlexiDrive: discount for careful driving

Mobile app AXA FlexiDrive developed for the French group of insurance companies AXA Group automatically monitors the driving behavior. During the trip, the application collects the necessary data on the driving style of the vehicle and calculates bonus points, which can later be exchanged for a discount when purchasing insurance.

Watch the video about the basics of the service or read the announcement about launching an app.


Boomerang discount system

There are a lot of application-solutions in the field of unified cards that provide discounts in stores and restaurants. Boomerang provides an opportunity not only to receive discounts when shopping, but also to make money on purchases of your friends. The developed site and mobile application on Android can be used for purchases both online and offline. Do not miss the start of the service!

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P2P chatting with CallBox

The CallBox project is a way of communication for users based on the blockchain technology, which does not require registration and does not collect personal data. You install the app, send the link to the someone and talk. Without accounts, without using the server, without any other data about you. You can delete the app after the call and install again before each use.

CallBox - Secure Anonymous P2P Messenger On Blockchain Technology.
Relef Events

Relef Events

We developed the Relef Events application for the "Relef-Center" company, so that users will timely receive official information about meetings, conferences and other events organized by the company. Users of the application are informed about new events, view the program of each of them and can add the most interesting items to their favorites.

Virtual discount card storage service Wmestocard

The mobile app for Android Wmestocard allows users to download virtual discount cards to mobile device, present them when paying in stores and receive discounts. In the app there is a system for notifying about new discounts and the ability to communicate with other users.

Сервис Wmestocard
Магазин часов Bestwatch

Bestwatch online-shop

The mobile app for business Bestwatch allows you to browse the product catalog, search for goods and make orders. In individual tabs, you can find the nearest points of sale in the city and get acquainted with the latest news and shares.

Lunch It There: catalog of restaurants

In the mobile app Lunch It There you can search for restaurants in many cities around the world. Key words and filters are used to find the desired institution, users can browse the menu, get a discount and leave a review.

Каталог Lunchitthere
Транспорт СПБ

Transport SPB

Transport SPB app for Android is a convenient assistant in moving in St. Petersburg by public transport. The app provides the ability to build a route with a detailed description and calculation of the time of arrival. Also the service provides information about the available stops with the routes passing through them, the timetable of public transport (including commuter trains), news about temporary changes in routes. For the stops you have added to the favorites, you can display the widget on the desktop with information about the passing routes.

Country of transport

The service is a meeting point for cargo drivers and customers all over Russia. In the mobile app there are applications for the carriage of goods with the indication of various parameters (permission to put things on top of each other or transport along with another cargo). Also the client can order additional services: cargo insurance, loaders, cargo storage. For the convenience of users, the money transfer from the client to the driver is provided directly in the app.

Страна перевозок
Расчёт теплоизоляции

Calculation of thermal insulation

Mobile app for Android is meant to calculate the required thickness of thermal insulation. The construction region, the type of building and the insulated part, the desired internal temperature and other parameters are taken into account. In addition to the thickness of thermal insulation, the service makes it possible to calculate the amount of material needed to insulate the room of the type and size. Also in the appendix there is a complete catalog of thermal insulation materials of the TechnoNikol company.

Citilux: lights control by Bluetooth

CITILUX LIGHT & MUSIC – a powerful application for controlling the light and music capabilities of CITILUX luminaires via Bluetooth. The music and alarm management sections continue to work even if there is no connection to the lamp.


And 100 more projects

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To get a free 30-minute consultation about mobile development enter your e-mail, and our manager will contact you within a few hours.

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  • Whether the application should be a part of an already existing system (online store, information portal, etc.)?
  • Is it necessary to develop a server part? If so, what functions does it have? Are there servers already developed or do we have to solve this issue??
  • Are there any analogues of the application being developed in the App Store / Google Play? Links to them can accelerate the understanding of the idea.