Разработка мобильных приложений для android

Mobile apps development for iOS

Development for iOS can be divided into two major phases: the application architecture and its design. In the first case, setting and solving tasks can generally coincide with other areas of development (DB development, query and data retrieval from a remote server). When planning a design, you should put yourself in the user's place. It is very important to ensure that all the needs that can arise during the use of the application are met. Users of Apple products are a certain target audience, which is characterized by strict requirements and high solvency. Therefore, providing a convenient, beautiful and intuitive user interface is no less critical than the reliability of the data being processed.

Despite the fact that the base of devices on the iOS platform is much smaller than on the Android operating system, there are also many features. You need to consider not only the screen size, which is important when developing the design of an app, but also the hardware differences of each device. Using the features of the user's device can greatly enhance its loyalty, which will lead to the ranking of the app in the store.

AppStore is well-known by its strict requirements, which must be observed when publishing the application. Accurate adherence to all items is necessary. It is important not only to follow all style guides in the design development, but also to ensure the confidentiality of the user's personal data, the stability of the application during operation and, most importantly, its utility to the user.

AXA FlexiDrive: discount for careful driving

Mobile app AXA FlexiDrive developed for the French group of insurance companies AXA Group automatically monitors the driving behavior. During the trip, the application collects the necessary data on the driving style of the vehicle and calculates bonus points, which can later be exchanged for a discount when purchasing insurance.

Watch the video about the basics of the service or read the announcement about launching an app.


PCRadio: radio stations in your pocket

The mobile app for the PCRadio service provides excellent sound with minimal use of traffic. Listen to the shows, concerts and music of hundreds of genres and categories. The Radio team is constantly working to improve the content, providing users with better music. We provide them with a convenient app for iOS.

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Boomerang discount system

There are a lot of application-solutions in the field of unified cards that provide discounts in stores and restaurants. Boomerang provides an opportunity not only to receive discounts when shopping, but also to make money on purchases of your friends. The developed site and mobile application on Android can be used for purchases both online and offline. Do not miss the start of the service!

P2P chatting with CallBox

The CallBox project is a way of communication for users based on the blockchain technology, which does not require registration and does not collect personal data. You install the app, send the link to the someone and talk. Without accounts, without using the server, without any other data about you. You can delete the app after the call and install again before each use.

CallBox - Secure Anonymous P2P Messenger On Blockchain Technology.


Mobile app Generosity is designed to make desired gifts. Users can unite in order to arrange a holiday for a common friend, colleague or relative. Events can be created both for themselves and for another person, the collected money is transferred at the right time to the beneficiary's account automatically. For communication between the participants of the event a convenient chat is provided.

Become a star in the mobile app Sing-a-song!

The app is a "musical Instagram": users can record clips using a large number of professional sound filters, participate in contests and win prizes. It's enough to shake the device to generate a new sound filter. The app is already used by some famous Russian artists.


Roadcom: asphalt factories statistics

The mobile app for internal usage at Roadcom Company automatically collects statistics on the objects of the company and provides reports at specified times. The owner of the application can at any time get a slice of the given data sets within any object.

Country of transport

The service is a meeting point for cargo drivers and customers all over Russia. In the mobile app there are applications for the carriage of goods with the indication of various parameters (permission to put things on top of each other or transport along with another cargo). Also the client can order additional services: cargo insurance, loaders, cargo storage. For the convenience of users, the money transfer from the client to the driver is provided directly in the app.

Страна перевозок
Мобильная игра Eyes Attack

Mobile game Eyes Attack

Mobile game developed for the Japanese publisher Marvelous Games. It is based on the modified Cocos2d graphics framework using the Box2d real-time physics emulation library. The work is supported both on iOS phones and on tablets.

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  • Whether the application should be a part of an already existing system (online store, information portal, etc.)?
  • Is it necessary to develop a server part? If so, what functions does it have? Are there servers already developed or do we have to solve this issue??
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