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Thank you for the excellent work, it's nice and interesting to work with you. You have many interesting ideas. It's nice that the development team thinks about the effectiveness of the project. This is important and rarely seen

Evgeny Demidov

Efficiency, responsibility, reliability, effectiveness, initiative, accurate performance of the statement of work, creativity in solving problems and creativity provided the creation of my application

Nikolay Logvinov

We worked with AppCraft on the game Eyes Attack, and found them to be extremely talented and professional. I would recommend to anyone looking for talented software engineers and designers.

Harry Holmwood

CEO, Marvelous Europe

Cooperation with you and your team has exceeded all the best expectations. I want to thank you for your cooperation, to note your high professionalism, efficiency in work and goodwill in communication.

Oleg Yeliseev

Technical Director, Open Application LLC

Thanks to the AppCraft team, I am very satisfied with the result. The application is that type of product with which you need to work constantly and it was totally helpful that guys are always in touch. The professionals in their field.

Kirill Tachennikov

CEO of the Unighted App LLC

For more than a year we have been productively cooperating with AppCraft in developing our transport app. We express our gratitude for the quality and efficiency - for mobile applications these are the key points

Alexander Skobkin

Project Manager,

Mobile App Development is more than just code

About us

How the app development will help your business become more successful

Mobile app development is usually a long-term investment. A high-quality product will allow you to form an audience and increase sales.

How do we do it?

Each project goes through certain stages: some of them are crucial and you can’t miss them in any way, others are optional and can be done if necessary.

  1. Discussion

    First of all, we discuss all the details of the project, we form a completely clear idea of the project. We help to register developer accounts in stores.
  2. Analytics

    We analyze the market on which the product will be released and give advice on market needs and the specific functionality of the product.
  3. Marketing

    We make up a marketing plan to determine the priority of the sections of the app and how to recruit an audience, monetize the app.
  4. Technical specifications

    We write a detailed technical specifications, form the style concept of the app, draw layouts for future screens. We calculate the necessary infrastructure of the project.
  5. Documents

    We sign a contract, estimate other necessary documents and begin work, breaking it into small logical stages.
  6. Design

    We develop the design of a mobile app, the UI / UX side. We create a product guide for using all of its elements in marketing materials.
  7. Development

    We develop the mobile app in several concurrent stages: building the backend part, while building the architecture of the app itself. Once in two weeks we send a new version with updated features to let you check it on your device.
  8. Testing

    We test the product comprehensively, checking its behavior in regular and emergency situations in various ways.
  9. Publication

    We help to publish the product on the App Store and Google Play, preparing the necessary materials and giving the advice on ASO.
  10. Promotion

    We are engaged in the promotion of a mobile app on the market: we help with advertising and win over an audience based on a previously formed marketing plan.
  11. Rights transfer

    We pass you the source code and all accompanying materials of the product, as well as the rights to the developed program.
  12. Warranty

    We provide support and solve problems that arose during the use of the app by a wide audience.

Analytics and Advice

A mobile app is just a tool. Initially, you need to create not an app, but a service that is built around solving a particular problem.

Therefore, it is worth developing a mobile app only if it becomes the shortest way to solve the initial problem.

If you think of a mobile app as a first project, we will be happy to advise you on various aspects of the existing market in the field of your idea.

As a result, you will get a complete and diverse understanding of the current situation, which will avoid unnecessary financial costs and save a lot of time.

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Our experience in developing a wide range of mobile apps has allowed us to accumulate deep knowledge in designing an intuitive and relevant app concepts and interfaces.

In our portfolio you can find the examples of our latest apps: social, sports, educational, utilitarian, traveling, for daily or business tasks.

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